Yuliya Lanina - The Nature of Being

Episode 8 · December 9th, 2017 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

Yuliya Lanina is one of the most diverse artists I know having already gained a lot of experience and wisdom in her life and career. Her work is evocative and multi dimensional and is most often intended to be interacted with face to face in an immersive way. She creates paintings, animations, animatronics, and often collaborates with others to create performances in person, and also through the movement of the beings and creatures she brings to life on paper and mechanically in 3D. The interview covers most of her life, starting in Russia as a teenager, to the present day in Austin with her family and her busy and inspiring career as a multimedia artist extraordinaire. She is also a lecturer at the UT Austin College of Fine Arts.

Some of the subjects we discuss:

  • Growing up in Russia
  • Moving to the US
  • Pursuing art in college
  • Moving to NYC
  • Becoming a graphic designer
  • Quitting to become a full time artist
  • Working in the studio in Brooklyn
  • Graduate school
  • Moving to Austin
  • Having kids
  • Creating performances
  • Collaboration
  • Animated work
  • Darkness and humor

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