Flip Solomon - Darkest Before Dawn

Episode 12 · January 13th, 2018 · 1 hr 6 mins

About this Episode

Flip Solomon grew up with art being at the center of her world but after leaving home found herself exploring everything else life has to offer for many years. But with the arrival of her daughter and the necessity of self care and meditation, to manage her newly intensified narcolepsy, she found her passion for creating art again and started translating the themes and symbols found in her very vivid dreams into epic, touching, and timeless pen and ink drawings. In the last five years she has built up a successful art business selling originals, prints, and a whole line of products based on her images. It's an inspirational story about how to turn a problem into a solution and help others in the process.

Some of the subjects we discuss:

Her upbringing and parents influence
High School and college
Taking a big break from art
Having a baby
Living with Narcolepsy
Starting to draw again
Getting older
Sleep and dreams
Passion and connection
Needing lots of sleep
Turning a negative into a positive
Getting info from dreams
Finding a voice
Themes and symbols
Darkest before dawn

Where to find Filp's work:

Her current series ‘Darkest Before Dawn’ is at Book People until the end of January. In February it goes to Black Feather Vintage on Springdale Rd. behind Dimension Gallery, with a Pre-Valentine’s Day Event the weekend of February 10th.

Also, there are some large canvases going to the Hye Rum Distillery in Hye, TX on the 290 Wine Trail. And in San Marcos, there are some large canvases on display at One and Only Tattoo on the Square.

Her work’s available year round at Austin Art Garage and the big events in November and December are EAST, Blue Genie and The Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. Works can be purchased online at Skyline Art Editions.

Flip Solomon

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