America Martin - It's Not Enough Just to Look

Episode 29 · May 19th, 2018 · 59 mins 29 secs

About this Episode

"The way that I look at things, anything, even this big storm brewing outside, I feel like my eyes aren’t acknowledging it enough. I feel almost restless that I’m not able to look at it and be satisfied. I want to capture it again. I want to hold the moment again through my hand or a gesture of that big tree blowing in the wind. I want to recycle and feel it again but through my translation. Because I think this world is so gosh darn gorgeous and people are so interesting that it’s not enough just to look at them. I want to smell them and draw them and feel it again."

America Martin endeavors daily to capture this gorgeous and interesting world and the people in it with her art. She translates what she sees by holding and acknowledging the many moments and gestures of life through painting, drawing and sculpture. It’s not enough just to look. This translation then communicates to the viewer the world as she perceives it. Knowing at a young age that she wanted to be an artist she set about getting to work and has not stopped since. Her work ethic is solid and she is prolific in what she creates. Filled with hope and curiosity she she figures out how to do what she wants to do and is always looking for new perspectives.

She voraciously consumes literature, music, art, and people with a sense of just what little time we do have. What is there to learn and how could she change her perspective and look at things differently? Being curious and fascinated by the joyful bits of life and experimenting and doing more are motivation enough to keep going. The life of an artist can also be very solitary so time with family and friends, bringing people together, and checking out other artists work, is the counterbalance that then feeds back into her own work and passion.

This was a really enjoyable conversation recorded during an intense rain storm. America is a delightfully interesting artist who truly embodies that profession. Her passion and interest in the world and people is refreshing. And there is an appealing visual language in her work that I think taps into some kind of universal symbolism and iconography that is very appealing. Please enjoy the interview and if you come across this episode before May 26, 2018, please make a point to see her work at Wally Workman Gallery. Even after the show comes down her work will be available for viewing. Enjoy!

Some of the subjects we discuss:

Artist beginnings
Vernon Wilson
College in Boston
Drive to make art
Her view on life
Two quotes
Awareness of self
The splits
Selling 1st drawing
Mom’s garage/LA
Making a lot of art
Studio manager
The muse
Three wishes
America’s mom
People and Friends
The LA studio
Alien question
Interacting with people
Favorite artists
Trying new things
Get interested

Wally Workman Gallery
America Martin: Solo Show
May 5th - June 2nd, 2018

1202 West 6th Street
Austin, Texas 78703

Open Tuesday - Saturday, 10am to 5pm.

Banner image by America Martin
Yellow Poppies, 2014
Oil & acrylic on canvas
56-7/8 x 105-1/8 inches

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working." - Pablo Picasso

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