Roi James - Leaps of Faith

Episode 18 · March 3rd, 2018 · 1 hr 12 mins

About this Episode

"You're an artist, you can create your future"

After twenty years of being a full time artist you learn a few things. Like how to make simple but transcendent art, and how powerful and capable you really are. At least that could be said for Roi James, someone who has made it through a lot of adversity and challenges of belief to find success. But it’s not over yet. After many leaps of faith he’s gotten to where he is now, but at this very moment he is in midair hoping to again find firm footing when he lands. It might be a similar feeling to staring into a blank canvas or deep into yourself. Roi creates sublimely beautiful abstract paintings and "Constructs" that are a combination of sculpture, painting, and architecture. Please enjoy this raw and fascinating conversation filled with the wisdom of the artists journey.

Some of the subjects we discuss:

Childhood talent
Starving artist myth
Discovering art again
Choosing to create beauty
Staying in touch with music
Working at Dell for 7 years
Joining Davis Gallery
1st show with Steve Brudniak
Old masters style
Quitting job at Dell
The first three years
Help from financial coach
Ending gallery representation
Money as freedom
Selling out of the studio
Knowing your power
Leaps of faith
Hitting bottom and getting help
Caring and support
The appeal of abstract art
Belief systems/feeling worthy
Having cancer/facing death
To love more/creating moments
Pursuing songwriting
Future plans
Offer to artists

Banner painting image Seru Andromius by Roi James

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