Bale Creek Allen - No Limitations

Episode 16 · February 17th, 2018 · 1 hr 21 mins

About this Episode

Bale Creek Allen has chosen to pursue a beautiful and rich life and live by his own rules. He is a prolific artist with a great work ethic who creates art in a very diverse amount of ways and with many different materials. Bronze, neon, sculpture, painting, wood, photography, music, spoken word and theater to name a few. Bale grew up in California, went to school in Boston and now calls Texas his home. He is a working artist with a great Austin gallery that exhibits fantastic national and international contemporary art. What a joyous and inspiring interview full of the experience and wisdom that comes with working your ass off and having the courage to never stop.

If you find yourself at Canopy in Austin which is at 916 Springdale Rd, and you are visiting another gallery or grabbing some coffee or food at Sa-Tén, be sure to stop by and see Bale's studio and gallery in Building 2 Suite #103. Call to make an appointment or if the light is on knock on the door and you might be lucky enough to meet Bale in person and see his kick-ass artwork.

Some of the subjects we discuss:

Growing up in Fresno
Family life as a kid
Starting to draw
Art School in Boston
Doing the work
Having faith
Courage to create
Leaving school
Being a visiting teacher
Struggle of the artist
Creative integrity
Amazing parents
Current work
Creating new work
Residency in Germany
Focus on the art
Gallery artists
Owning a gallery
Upcoming exhibitions

Bale Creek Allen Gallery
916 Springdale Road, Bldg. 2 #103
Austin, TX 78702

Gallery open by appointment only

Bale Creek Allen Opening

Bale Creek Allen Opening

Bale Creek Allen Opening

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