Nancy Mims - It Begins With A Walk

Episode 14 · January 20th, 2018 · 54 mins 42 secs

About this Episode

By seeking out the mundane and overlooked visual aspects of our world and sharing them through her perspective Nancy Mims shows us the beauty and expansiveness we might be missing. There can be order from chaos and it can be photographed. Not stopping there, by printing these images on fabrics, sometimes weaved back to together or embellished with vibrant stitching, she enhances these views to create a very personal take on what is right in from of us all. Our lovely conversation delves into her life and work and how hard it can be to accept and embrace the fact that you are an artist.

Some of the subjects we discuss:

The artist label
Early influences
Travel and family artists
Studying medicine
Switching to art
Sculpture class turning point
Moving to LA and working at a gallery
Textile design career
Mod Green Pod
Shifting to photography
Printing work and exhibiting outside
The Elisabet Ney
Taking and editing images
Roots in the south
Dougherty exhibit
The practice of seeing
Future work
Tera Incognita opening

Nancy Mims
Terra Incognita
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 13, 2018, 1:30–3:30pm
Exhibit: January 13 - February 3, 2018
Artist Talk: January 24, 2018, 7-8pm

Dougherty Arts Center - The Julia C. Butridge Gallery
1110 Barton Springs Rd.
Austin, TX 78704
Phone: 512-974-4000
Open Hours:
Monday - Thursday 10 AM - 10 PM
Friday 10 AM - 6 PM
Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM

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